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Yin YangCanine Hilton’s in-house consultant psychologist Mercia Nitzsche PhD MSc MBA researched, short term ‘progressive development in intelligence’, from within the dogs’ family dynamics, over 7 generations! How do the companion animals’ family links continue to reflect from within the hierarchy and affect their relationships? How does a dog relate to the loss of a family member, of its own kind, if at all? Is a dog/cat just a dumb animal or can we find any intelligence at all?

Tread carefullyThe programme was kick-started in 1978 and the results of which, truly breathtaking, especially when throwing into the mix 5 different feline family units, that changed the structure of each generation, since the feline companions evolved equally. What allows them to accept or reject a member of the pack or tolerate and embrace an outsider? What makes them respond to the human person with enthusiasm and to others with total disregard? Who and what defines the status of Alpha in a modern thinking dog? Is an evolved dog with cognitive skills in need of an Alpha status at all? Is it ethical to euthanise a healthy dog/cat?

Mercia and dogAbout Dr Mercia

“My work with animals is based on a natural passion and instinct. I have a gift to grasp the nature of the emotional and spiritual energy when out of balance, to harmonise! My goal is to seek and establish Global Welfare Legislation and re activate the Welfare established in 250 BC.”

Mercia Nitzsche, researched the short term cognitive evolution of family dynamics from within the companion animals actual true nature and discovered entirely new techniques of learning that lie dormant amongst the natural social structures of our extended non-human Family members. Founder of Canine Hilton and pioneer for Canine Hilton Communications, Dr Mercia observed the existence of an entirely new and fresh approach towards the way dogs think in today’s structured society.

Mercia’s Qualifications

Dr. Mercia is a well respected, highly professional Animal Psychologist who from an early age expressed a natural and innate desire to care for and understand the true nature of animals. The short term history of Dr. Mercia’s family roots link back to teachers, farmers, philosophers, doctors and tradesmen. Raised in an international but global family network, with its origins firmly rooted into the variable cultures without borders, provides many advantages. Modern family life with more than just 2 biological parents and growing up with 8 siblings is education in itself. Unfamiliar with such terms as discrimination, presented opportunities of vast potential in an ocean of diversity.

MerciaThe only way to fuse by disagreement is when we agree to disagree. This is an important quality to embrace, for differences in opinions, make us more creative as well as inherently more tolerant. Appreciative of innovative skills; accepting other individuals as they are help us grow. We become smarter when we expand our knowledge. Dr. Mercia’s working career started with a business degree (BMA) with full secretarial qualifications in the 80’s. From stepping into legal management, within the legal realms of Fleet Street to financial management, the foundation towards balanced marketing and fundraising, shifting onto the path of incorporating animal welfare in the 90’s.

The early 80’s in Dr. Mercia’s independent working career was profoundly influenced by religious managerial skills, that proved a solid foundation when opening the door towards the truth at last, of what lay behind the real purpose of non-human animal’s suffering. Linking the different denominations through religious cooperation and marketing harmony, revealed a period of transference in the 90’s when Dr. Mercia had accomplished a certain spiritual maturity that led towards her change in ethics. Now a Master in the arts of 6th dimensional and unconscious liberation, she accomplished the insight and ability towards Canine Communication.

In 2005 she was awarded a Masters in Animal Science (MSc), whilst in 2012 she received a Philosophy Degree (PhD) with a doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Mercia was contacted by many organisations and people from the media, picking her brains, over a period of years. She launched a Pet Education column in the local Guardian, appearing on a BBC TV chat show ‘Now You’re Talking!’ to an audience that knew very little about the 6th sense in communication or the ‘psychic abilities’ that animals possess.

Companion Animals who lived life, tied to a ball and chain, depressed and on the verge of suicide, giving up. The spirit entirely broken and the soul in the mind had died. Animals Globally, shared an equal fate, if not entirely rejected they were overworked, with no legislation to protect them.

Why this is important – 5* Holistic Canine Communication

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