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Boarding Assessment – Holistic Care whilst travelling or away for a week or a day?

Boarding with Canine Hilton is offered only to those who value ‘ADVANCED’ care. We provide a stable environment to those dogs in need of socialising with ample stimuli that encourages further adaptability. Dogs must first be allowed to be dogs first and the happy companion animal needs to express their own natural talents.

Boarding with Canine Hilton is offered to animals in need of rehabilitation programmes and is designed as part of a healing process enabling the release of any hidden stress, preventing the dog from creating a natural homeostasis. Clean bedding and by incorporating individual tailored design dietary needs with some additional grooming when necessary, will stabilise a dog.

Boarding with Canine Hilton incorporates dietary needs and in special circumstances we may need to introduce an element of grooming.

Boarding with Canine Hilton is based on an holistic approach and we work on developing relationships with companion animals and their human guardians. All dogs require exercise, right diet and sensible enrichment with a combined curriculum for education and relaxation.

Boarding with Canine Hilton requires an individual assessment by in-house psychologist to ensure prime care and the recommendation based on individual needs.

Because all our guests live together, we offer a boarding assessment beforehand. This will ensure you, that your companion animal is happy and comfortable during your time away from them. On the assessment if we discover that your dog is suffering from stress or trauma, we can work on them to alleviate any problem. Where needed we offer alternative care. Of course this will be discussed after the assessment.

Care In Your Home

photo-1Companion animals prefer to stay at home with care provided. Depending on age, background and family history, we find that home care is often more preferable and for this section we only use carefully selected home-carers. Dogs need to feel safe and cats is a no brainer, as they feel much more at ease and happier in familiar surroundings. Care at home is less invasive and better value for money for short term care that is more suitable for the animals. What type of training the dog or cat has experienced, determines their behaviour towards RESPECT.

Our fees are fair and based on the assessment’s duty of care. We regret that extra charges may be incurred on bank holidays. We endeavour to provide a firm quotation after assessment or in the case of special circumstances, charges may vary, depending upon the behaviour and requirements of the dog when settled during their stay.

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