The History of Holistic Animal Welfare

Going back in time an Indian Prince Siddharta Gautama of the Shakya clan enjoying all the privileges of Royal life, both as a scholar and esteemed scientist, chose to abdicate, after he witnessed the sufferings endured outside the Palace, caused by life’s imperfections. His quest was to seek answers that would lead towards solutions providing human reality consistent happiness. He chose the path of suffering and entered into the world of austerities. He soon realised the actual purpose of life’s preservation, was respecting the value of Self meaning, to never seeking wisdom outside a righteous mind, a pure heart and presenting words of kindness. The guiding light to Social Justice we find from within and The ‘Cause’ to all attachments ultimately lead to all misfortune; is the moment of clarity when the Monk, Prince Siddharta understood the nature of the universe. In respecting the purpose of the body we need to eat, without food physical strength diminishes, a body perishes and dies. Respect a treasure of joy is hidden beneath the unconscious mind. (500BC).

Following in these foot prints stepped a great King, named Chandragupta Maurya, who strongly believed that respect in Social Justice arose from all religions and his quest led him down the path where he strived to establish an Empire of the Spirit combining ‘good’ ethics. Trust, Truthfulness and no Violence, the foundation towards the one universal religion we find in all denominations, his reign would last forever and the people could live in harmony. (350BC). Pursuing the path of eternity, he refuted all attachments and pursued the ultimate reality of enlightenment by starving himself to death. His feet still hovering above ground, revered today by those who continue to follow in this belief system.

King Chandragupta’s grandson, an astute administrator at heart, was forced by sibling rivalry to ruling his empire with the ferocity and evil dedication, of a wild beast. With his army fleet of trained female Amazonian Warriors, The Emperor Ashoka went into battle on Elephant’s back. He designed a Torture Chamber: ‘Paradisal Hell’ for anyone who dared oppose him and after his conquest at Kalinga he looked back at the futility of war. The killings of hundred thousands of innocent lives, tarnishing not only his reign but born from the seed of wisdom, opposing directly his belief system. In humility and shame King Ashoka left the Royal Palace in search for further truth and discovered that by sustaining balance in life, animals and the environment were an imperative, to the chain of our human existence. Returning to his Kingdom he carved the first amendments of the constitution in the walls of the ‘pit of hell’, by founding the Axis to the Age of Respect.

This third monarch of the Mauryan Empire, King Ashoka is considered the greatest and most exemplary ruler in world history. This pivotal new Ethical Welfare Bill in legislation; Religious Tolerance; Animal Welfare; Ecological Measures is the most superior eye opener in all of human history and the ultimate foundation to his reign. (250BC).

King Ashoka’s creative intelligence and foresight in universal marketing strategy, in essence gave birth, to the art of holistic salvation by providing healing insights, based on natural solutions formed by this sentient Act: ‘RESPECT’ was the key to preserving life and protecting future generations. King Ashoka’s wisdom arrived on Western soil some 2,000 years later and was incorporated in the UK’s Animal Welfare legislation in 1912.

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5* Holistic Care at Canine Communication

beagle1 By understanding how animals relate to each other and to human beings; opens up a ‘refreshing new window’, whereby Humans equally can learn, how to improve their perception of life and relate better to each other, even in death. In order to truly grasp the concept of Canine Communication, we need to step back and remind ourselves of the days before applying alphabetic language, as the Genus Homo – Homo Erectus or Homo Sapiens’ (Human kind) speech was not so different to that of other animals.
A theory in science confirms that cooked food may have contributed to developing the human intellectual advancement in the evolutionary cycle of the mind and which process may well apply equally to the nutrients incorporated within holistic animal consumption. The pack without boundaries, offering insightful behaviours, became flexible and adaptive; interrelation supported ‘spontaneously encouraged social skills’, through positive environmental stimuli and feedback, thus enabling certain natural instincts outside the remit of their own cultural comfort zones to be resisted.

The same bloodline or lineage but without the ‘selective’ or ‘in-breeding’ mentality, raised in ‘privileged’ circumstances and supported by a holistically programmed stimulating environment, proved a fundamental component in this evolutionary process. Gaining closer insight into the ‘natural’ family roots that equally support the bonds of acceptance; whilst discovering what drove the cognitive advancement to changes in the family set-up, within companion animals. From within their own usual functionality, a fixed and subjective mind reveals a growing curiosity with the desire, to learn new skills. A dog’s mind ‘uplifted’ by different lifestyles; show that other needs for communications arise when new behaviours appear.

Companion Animals have been part of human society for some 15,000 years and for their own survival, morphed those selective observation skills, after certain instinctive cyclical imprints were no longer required. Mutating DNA could well have transformed by advancing independently from the original basic building blocks. By instigating new tasks after the evolutionary process, those inherently advanced cognitive reflexes were activated from alternate, innate dormant desires by a response in behaviour, reflecting reasonable and rationally considered higher skills. The connected tissues of which obviously needed to be adapted, by adjusting and reflecting from their behaviours, combined with and including, those natural reactions from beneath the unconscious levels. (PEPPU)

The foundation that provides positive and stimulating reinforcement takes time to realise, but once cemented is proving to be a Just platform, for manifesting a force to supporting dynamic and creative inner communication. The true isomorphic nature of animals still laying dormant remains an immeasurable unknown quantity, though it has emerged that a life essence strengthened and nurtured, offers confidence with quality behaviours. Now freshly designed within the newly structured DNA, we discover a new kind of trust combined with greater abilities of intelligence at higher levels of awareness, consideration and cognitive expressions.

Most recent research on animal intelligence points to the genome in selective breeding CTNND2 the gene for human cognitive development, is found in the dog’s brain. The key that links the mind of the dog, to its own creative sense of spiritual homeostasis, when synchronised with its inner magnetic morphing field, manifests divergent thinking. From the animal’s unconscious imperative mood, at microcosmic levels, reflecting back from the mirror of their macrocosmic universe emerges, the thought process of an observing and thinking mind. The emotional centre we find beneath the hippocampus, deep within the cerebral cortex, lies hidden the amygdalae in the crevices where the senses are translated into a language that is familiar to the dog.

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