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Human Animal


Guardian of the Animal

These days, we call the owner of an animal a ‘Guardian’. This shows a relationship based upon sentient feelings of joy, sadness, pain, etc. that require respect and care. ‘Pet owner’ implies that the animal is a thing.

“What do we know about the Social Rights of an animal in their own cultures… ?”

In today’s companion animal society, it is expected that the dog should behave according to human standards. However, if we go back in time we learn that dogs lived in social groups, walking and running an average of 9 hours each day. Therefore, social activities for their psychological welfare need to match that same energy.

Communication with animals

We relate to animals from a human perspective and believe that they do not understand our language. However, Canine Hilton has proof of communication skills that show the need for our consideration and integrity.

Aims and Goals

The Canine Hilton introduces us to the protection animals by understanding their minds and emotional needs. Today, we can see that all species have cultures and, for us to live in harmony, we need to  balance between us and companion animals.” cherish the purpose of those cultures and appreciate non-human emotions, intelligence and methods of survival.

Canine Hilton has provided a textbook introducing the required balance between companion animals, what drives their inherent powers, including the DNA blueprint they follow to deal with emotions, adaptation, survival and coping with torture. Reference: Michael Wood on the Story of India – Horizon nov. 



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Earthlings is not a documentary for the faint of heart.  Earthling’s website. Powerful, informative, controversial and thought-provoking. EARTHLINGS is a documentary film about humankind’s complete economic dependence on animals raised for pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research.

Using hidden cameras showing the day-to-day practices of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit. Presented in five chapters (pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research) the film is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, featuring music by Moby, and was written, produced and directed by Shaun Monson.



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