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Inherent Power

Inherent power is by implementing PEPPU through the channel of the SPE

PEPPU is the technique to the Canine Hilton’s ENRICHMENT programme designed by drmercia and represents :

Preservation of CACP (CompanionAnimalCulturePreservation) TM 

Enhance Communication via the SPE (Stress Point of Entry) TM

Promote Correct Physical and Mental Health (Canine Hilton Wellness entirely drmercia’s own ‘tested and proven’ recipe)

Protect Cultural and Social conduct with adaptability ensured through kindness (Canine Hilton Training Method that includes clickers)

Understanding natural needs from the animal’s perspective (All animals like fresh living conditions and parasite free surroundings)

CompanionAnimalCulturePreservation is designed as an umbrella to host the PEPPU technique and methodology for animal culture to live in a human world. NonHuman animals can learn with refreshing and exciting enrichment programmes to settle and enjoy a cultured human world without being seen as an object. NonHuman animals experience feelings and have intelligence that is part of any DNA structure embedded within the carbon blueprint that is sentient life.

Each dog has their own unique natural talent and self-initiated skills that allow them to learn manners and be educated with anything from good dog to career pooch. Dogs are not deaf and far from stupid but they may suffer from inherent shock. They grasp the language of energy but not the detailed pedantic mindset of a human idealism. A skilled dog may grasp instinctively the aura energy as they read body language. No need for kicking or bullying into obedience. YES you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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